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This site will contain information, and pictures on all the animals I currently keep, as well as ones that I have kept in the past.

With an emphasis on the different snail species I keep, but also many other invertebrates, including Millipedes, Phasmids, Slugs, Centipedes, Arachnids and Cockroaches.

Also many other animals, including Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals and Birds.  This site is still a long way to being nearly completed, please bookmark and keep checking my site, I hope to regulary update it with updated pictures and information on many different species of animals.

Reptile Updates:

New Update: Looking for iguanas for sale in your area? This is a great thread devoted to how to find descent iguanas worth buying. Sometimes when you buy from local mainstream pet stores, the reptile quality is just not there.

It’s important that beginners that are super new to the reptile industry research how to properly setup a habitat for your specific species of reptile. I keep seeing lots of newbies screwing this up. What is going to happen you may ask?.. Your new reptile is just going to die is what is going to happen.

Also.. Just because bearded dragons are super cool doesn’t mean you should just go buy one! These things get huge and are not a beginner level reptile for someone new to the industry to start with. Ok.. rant over.

Whenever I have surplus livestock available it will be mentioned on the Available Inverts page.

Site Last updated- 09-01-07

*A large overhaul of the Snail section now in progress, content will be added and changed regulary, so some information and layout may appear different on the various pages.

*Invertebrates now Available for sale, see Available Inverts page for details* *Availability page updated 07-01-07*

*Invertebrate substrate suitable for Beetles, Millipedes, Snails etc.. now available see Invertebrate substrate/food  page for details*

Pet Tarantulas

Hey guys, how many of you all keep isopods or other critters in with your T’s as a cleanup crew?
I’m looking into some isopods, and I’d love to hear some of what you all do!

  • I have isopods in a few tanks, really not much to it. They need humidity to live and they keep it pretty clea. For more information check out tarantula breeders for more info on buying.
  • I do! I’m on my way home!
    I can send you an info sheet to help you get familiar with them when I am home.

I bought Adè (G. pulchripes) on April 2014 and was less than 1cm..after 1 year and 2 months…is much bigger but still lovely!! *.*

p.s. handle your T’s by your own risk!

  • they are one of the faster growing grammostolas. Mine is about 2 years old and 4 inches DLS.
  • Im looking forward to my pulchripes to be like this ! Haha.
  • ok!!i don’t know exactly,because i use to measure the exoskeleton after every molt!!but the last time was almost destroyed (i found it in the enclosure after a week) and it was difficult to measure!!but i think that her/his leg span is about 5-6 cm.
  • So great to see this. I got mine in May of 2014 and was also TINY–and is about the same size as yours! I was wondering if she was small for a year’s growth.
  • also your tarantula is beautiful!! *.* have you got other tarantulas??i have a GBB..bought on Settember 2014!!and is smaller than my chaco!

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