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Invertebrates currently available for sale, or ones that can be ordered if requeted are listed below, for all information, including prices, species care and availability please click the species names.


Achatina iredalei (not available at present)

Achatina achatina (not available at present)


Apheloria tigana (not available at present)


New Zealand Peripatus

Anisolabis littorea (Large Earwig species)

Heterometrus c.f swammerdami and xanthopus

Aegla sp. Argentina

Invertebrate Substrate/food -Decaying leaves and hardwoods(not available at present)

I am able to source many different species of invertebrates, including Snails, Millipedes, Arachnids, Beetles, Phasmids etc.. if you are looking for any particular species, please contact me at the email address below.

Im Always’ interested in more invertebrates, please email me if you have anything available for sale.

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